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Welcome friends, Im Chian!

Lifestyle Photographer based in Wolf Point, Montana and available for travel worldwide

a few things i adore...

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I did not always want to be a photographer. I have, however, always loved bright and pretty images that make my heart sigh.

My first experience with photography happened when I was little. I was so excited the first time we went to get our family pictures taken.

I still remember the excitement of getting dressed for pictures. Even though I was wearing a sweater that my grandmother had given me that I didn't really like. It was okay because we were finally getting our family photos done and I was filled with absolute joy!

We went to the bank after business hours at our appointed time. There was a dark backdrop, lights set up, and a chair for posing. My parents were awkward, I thought it was just because we had never done this before. I was just thrilled with the joy of it all, the whole experience, and I was the happiest I had been in awhile.

We then went back in to proof the pictures. I remember loving them all, so many poses of my family and I. I remember my mama walking out crying with her arm around me because the prints had been too expensive for us to afford. We had one 8x10 and several wallets of one post. All this time, all the excitement of getting pictures done, and we had one pose.

In retrospect, one photo was better than none, but when I looked back on that one family photo, I remembered all of the things I felt. The joy, the excitement, and the sadness of not being able to go home with them.

For me, that is where my addiction to photographs began. Our family never had anymore photos taken after that, and the photo I do have is faded, dog eared, and wrinkled, but it's the only one I have so it is treasured in my heart.

Now, I love photographs. Not the awkward, forced kind, but photographs that capture who you are, who your family is, and how truly you feel about one another. Photographs that show the love you have for your husband, your wife, your kids.

Photographs that your children can look back on and see the same things, and bring a smile to their faces as they remember that day, and that you got to go home with all of the memories.

That's what I'm about, and that's what I want to share with you! Let me be a part of your day, of your memories, and those fantastic moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

More About Chian

the lady behind the lens

My Love, Denton

The most important person in my life,my husband.

We do everything together, and he is my best friend, so I can't introduce myself without introducing him!

We work together to make your session fun and exciting!

He is my assistant and second shooter, so you will be with both of us at your session!

a few of denton's favorites

* Broncs
* Pizza and wings
* Fishing
* Craft beer
* Road tripping
* Country music
* Everything Ariat
* Hates candy
* Wait, chocolate isn't candy is it?
* The Golden Girls (Yes, really!)

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Fun fact about Chian

i believe shoes are not made to be worn in the summertime

i hate excercising, but i love food

i am in love with the sonoran desert

give me a tent in the mountains beside a stream over a city any day

i could not do this without denton. he does dishes, helps with laundry, and cooks

i love cooking over a campfire

My Why

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We love serving happy, joyous families! Whether you are looking to invest in portraits for your wedding, your ever changing family, commemorate a senior year, freeze your engagement in time, or celebrate a long lasting love, we would love to hear from you!

If you love bright, fresh, timeless images, you are in the perfect place!

I am so glad you are here!

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We know how important this is! You can never get these years back, and you want images that are going to capture the essence of this time and place in your life, if you are a senior, or your childs life if you are the parent. Check out our gallery below to see what we do!


Couples,Families,and Seniors

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Senior Sessions

You love your family. They are the ones who are there beside you no matter what. Family changes so fast- little ones get big, young ones grow older, and life's circumstances change. We've been through all of that, and we know how precious these memories can be, to get right now while things are the way they are, and freeze them forever!  


Couples,Families,and Seniors

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Family Sessions

Getting engaged. Celebrating an anniversary. Marking a milestone. Some things you can never get back. So why not make sure to invest in images that are going to last you a lifetime? We would love to celebrate with you!


Couples,Families,and Seniors

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Couples Sessions

"What an amazing experience! We started enjoying ourselves as soon as we met. They are an energetic duo that brought laughter and wonderful insight to our daughter's first senior picture session. Even though we only seen one picture so far we are already very satisfied and making plans for another session soon."


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kind words from our clients

"They brought laughter and wonderful insight into our daughters senior session."

jen m.c.

"I cannot say enough good things about Chian and her husband! They have so much positive energy. If you are looking to get some pictures done, these guys are the ones to get in contact with! They have so many fun ideas and are the nicest people. I cannot wait to see the final product. Thank you guys so much!"


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kind words from our clients

"I cannot say enough good things about Chian and her husband!"

hunter r.

"Chian brings every bit of joy with her everywhere she goes and does the work to get the most genuine, beautiful shots of your family. Chian and her husband, Denton, were incredibly enjoyable to be around. They have a very positive energy that immediately puts you at ease. Thank you, Chian!"


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kind words from our clients

"Chian brings every bit of joy with her everywhere she goes."

Tegan k.e.

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