A legacy of love

  1. Peggy & Bob Lipscomb says:

    The words were very beautiful. And the pictures are beautiful too! Nice job getting them all!

    You truly captured the happiness, emotion and love on that very special day. The images were spectacular and captivating. Your words were woven from the fabric of our hearts and family.
    Thank you Chian for a masterful effort.

    • Chian O'Connor says:

      Thank you for your sweet comments! It truly was a beautiful day, and we had so much fun!

      We left that day feeling happy and built up, and we loved getting to meet all of your family and who made up your lives.
      You both are a wonderful example to look up to, and Reba and Kaoki are so fortunate to have you both in their lives to be able to draw from!
      Thanks for letting us in on a little bit of your wonderful story! 🙂

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