Jon + Brittany Kilen | Miles City, Montana

  1. Laura Amble says:

    Hands down best wedding photos I have ever seen.

    • Esther Benson says:

      Wow!!! Such Beautiful photos!❤️… the photographer, Captured the Love & Joy.. in every photo💕

      • Chian O'Connor says:

        Aww- thank you so much! They are such a beautiful couple, it was easy to do! We are so happy for them!

    • Chian O'Connor says:

      Hello, Laura! Oh my goodness, that is one of the best compliments ever- thank you so much! It was so nice getting to meet you and work with everyone- thank you! More pics to come- stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures! You two nailed it and then some! Thank you for mentioning Toadally Creative and enjoyed meeting you both!

    • Chian O'Connor says:

      Hey, Rena! Thank you so much- that means the world! You are so welcome- thank you for the beautiful job that you did for Jon + Brittany’s wedding, we loved it! You do a great job!

  3. Laurie Claypool says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos! Congratulations to you both! Beautiful bride and handsome groom- love your photos!

  4. Kris Kilen says:

    Weeks later and your beautiful photos take me back to that day so instantly and emotionally. Thank you for taking the beauty of our Eastern Montana and our family and friends and giving us such an incredible gift. You captured so much beauty, emotion, love, the gifts of living and gathering with your craft. Truly artists, Chian and Denton.

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